Summer Fun!

Summer is finally here!!!!!

I thought I’d share some of my favourite ideas to do during the summer.

  1. Festivals!! Who doesn’t love camping with their friends and listening to some awesome music, so many memories can be made at festivals that you’ll cherish forever. Whilst some can be rather pricey, there are smaller festivals that don’t cost too much and you never know, you may even find your new favourite musician.
  2. Day Trips!! Obviously you’ll hopefully be hitting the beach many times over the summer, but there are other cool places to visit, such as rivers or lakes, you can swim and sunbathe, start a bbq with family and friends and chill out without having to worry about sand getting everywhere 😉
  3. Backyard and Chill!! Make your own shelter using some sheets, get a blowup mattress, gather together some blankets, charge your laptop, get some tasty treats and there you have a lovely chilled evening under the stars.
  4. Throw a Garden Party!! There’s nothing like having a few drinks with your friends whilst jamming to some summer tunes, also summer time is perfect to try making your own cocktails, there are plenty of cool recipes online.
  5. Get Lost in Your City!! Take some time to really explore parts of your city, you never know what you might find! Try a quirky café that you haven’t seen before or find a new bar and have a drink you’ve never tried before.
  6. Local Fairs!! At least once during summer there will be a fair, gather some friends and have a blast on some rides, then pig out on bad but oh so good fair food!
  7. Read and Unwind!! Grab a book, whether it’s an old favourite or a new one you’ve not have a chance to open yet and take yourself to your local park to enjoy some alone time and relax.
  8. Water Adventures!! Get yourself to a water park and splash around on all the fun rides or go to an open body of water to go kayaking or paddle boarding!
  9. Outdoor Movies!! See if you can find any places playing movies outdoors, take some homemade cocktails, a picnic blanket and some friends and sit back and enjoy the film!!
  10. Water Fight!! Get a load of friends together, fill up as many water balloons as possible, fill the water guns to full capacity, get some large containers and fill them too, then drive to an empty field and engage in your own water fight!

I hope you enjoy using some of these ideas, and have a fab summer!

Aimee 🙂

P.S. make sure to stay hydrated!!



I’m going to uni this year.

I’m actually going to be going to uni. This time last year I was studying for my A-level exams worrying that I wouldn’t get the grades I need to get onto the course I wanted to do.

When results day finally rolled around, I was happy with my results but knew they wouldn’t be enough to go into uni.

I had one of my places declined, and in that moment I felt deflated. I was sure that my other place wouldn’t be accepted either. When the afternoon came about and the status of my uni placement was still unconfirmed, I rang the uni. Although they couldn’t tell me much and said to just keep checking UCAS. So I did…for days.

So during these days I was starting to think of a plan B, one that didn’t involve me going to uni but instead taking a different path.

However finally I got an email and  when I read the word ‘congratulations’ I was elated and felt relieved. I was going to be going to uni after my gap year!

As the months get closer, I get more and more nervous, filling out student finance and picking where to live is making me so nervous, I haven’t even thought about what it’s going to be like actually being at uni. I have heard from a few different people that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be but at the same time others have said it’s amazing.

I guess I’ll just have to make up my own mind and  create the experience I want when I’m there.

I love doing these little ‘thought’ posts. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Aimee 🙂

I Joined A Gym

So I’m currently sitting in my bed, gearing myself up to put on my gym gear and head to the gym for an early morning workout.

I have dabbled in joining a gym in the past with my friend and it didn’t work out since we both didn’t want to go alone so if one had plans then it was a write off. 

However this time around I have joined up with my family, my dad is a fitness freak and spends hours there working out, my mum likes to go for half and hour or so and prefers the classes they offer. Whilst my sister can do an hour and really pushes herself. I however have no idea where I’m going to fit into this new ‘gym lifestyle’ I have found myself getting into.

Sometimes I question why? Why am I doing this? But I want to do it for me, I want to feel better within myself, I want to have more energy and be able to run further without feeling like I’m going to pass out. Since I’m currently looking for a job, my days can be pretty boring and uninspiring so I hope that by having something to do such as using the gym, joining a class or jumping into the pool, I get some energy and inspiration back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this honest post, I like writing ones like these that have no plan  ut are just from the heart/mind.

Enjoy the weekend, another travel post will be up soon! 

Aimee 🙂 

Turning 19.

Another year, another birthday.

This year I turned 19, on the 14th of November to be precise.

Honestly normally I don’t feel any different after a birthday has passed, but this one I felt more anxious about. Next year I will be leaving the teen-hood and entering my 20s, whilst I know this is still young, it just feels different.

I know I can’t fret about turning 20, since most people I know who are in their 20’s say it’s brilliant, plus the added fact that I will be in uni when I turn 20, which will be a completely new and different adventure to school, sixth form and the apprenticeship I’m currently undertaking, I guess turning 20 will be a fun and exciting experience!

So I guess, with each passing year and each age, I need to take hold of the memories I make and enjoy the different experiences I have and the people I meet. Since I won’t get this time back again and time really is the most precious thing on this earth and we all need to make the most of this precious time we have.

So this post was a little bit more deep than anything I’ve posted before, but I hope you liked it. I know right now this blog doesn’t have a theme of what I post, it’s neither a travel blog, nor a beauty blog, but it’s my blog and I hope the range of different posts will interest different people and maybe even inspire others.

I hope your week is brilliant and you grab every opportunity you can.

Aimee 🙂


Get To Know Me

So since I am new to this whole blogging world, I thought it would be nice if I did a ‘get to know me’ tag, so I found one on the internet that I like the look of and decided that I’d let you guys get to know me a bit better. I would love it if I got to know some of my readers better to, so if you want please answer these questions in the comments or just tell me an interesting fact about yourself!

1. Are you named after anyone?  So if you didn’t already know, I’m called Aimee, but nope I am not named after anyone. Nor do I have a middle name.

2. When was the last time you cried? I can’t even remember, I think it was about a month ago now. I don’t really cry often if I’m honest.

3. Do you have kids? I do not.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? What a great question, I’d like to think yes, but then again I find myself annoying.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? I’d say I use an acceptable amount of sarcasm.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump? I’m always down for trying new things so yes I’d give it a go.

7. What’s your favorite cereal? Cookie Crisp!

8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their eyes, I know that’s probably the most generic answer, but when I first engage with anyone I always notice their eyes first.

9. What is your eye colour? I guess they’re sort of a green and hazel mix.

10. Scary movie or happy endings? I love both..I think it depends what mood I’m in, if i need cheering up then I’d definitely rather watch a happy ending.

11. Favorite smells? New cars, fresh bedding and salon products.

12. Summer or winter? What a tough question, I think Winter, because I love being all cosy and snug, I also love the coolness of the air because I’d rather be cold than hot.

13. Computer or television? Computer, because you can watch TV shows on it as well as do other things, such as blogging haha!!

14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? I’m pretty sure it’s Turkey.

15. Do you have any special talents? Not that I can think of right now.

16. Where were you born? In Exmouth in the UK.

17. What are your hobbies? Obviously writing and reading. I also love swimming, kayaking, climbing, walking and running.

18. Do you have any pets? I have a beautiful cat called Phoebe who looks like this;


19. Favorite movie? Be prepared for a list haha, Son of Rambow, The Goonies, Stand by Me, Love Rosie, Fun Size, I know that there are loads more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

20. Do you have any siblings? I have a younger sister called Zoe and she’s 16.

21. What do you want to be when you grow up? I would love to be a secondary school teacher!