Summer Fun!

Summer is finally here!!!!!

I thought I’d share some of my favourite ideas to do during the summer.

  1. Festivals!! Who doesn’t love camping with their friends and listening to some awesome music, so many memories can be made at festivals that you’ll cherish forever. Whilst some can be rather pricey, there are smaller festivals that don’t cost too much and you never know, you may even find your new favourite musician.
  2. Day Trips!! Obviously you’ll hopefully be hitting the beach many times over the summer, but there are other cool places to visit, such as rivers or lakes, you can swim and sunbathe, start a bbq with family and friends and chill out without having to worry about sand getting everywhere 😉
  3. Backyard and Chill!! Make your own shelter using some sheets, get a blowup mattress, gather together some blankets, charge your laptop, get some tasty treats and there you have a lovely chilled evening under the stars.
  4. Throw a Garden Party!! There’s nothing like having a few drinks with your friends whilst jamming to some summer tunes, also summer time is perfect to try making your own cocktails, there are plenty of cool recipes online.
  5. Get Lost in Your City!! Take some time to really explore parts of your city, you never know what you might find! Try a quirky café that you haven’t seen before or find a new bar and have a drink you’ve never tried before.
  6. Local Fairs!! At least once during summer there will be a fair, gather some friends and have a blast on some rides, then pig out on bad but oh so good fair food!
  7. Read and Unwind!! Grab a book, whether it’s an old favourite or a new one you’ve not have a chance to open yet and take yourself to your local park to enjoy some alone time and relax.
  8. Water Adventures!! Get yourself to a water park and splash around on all the fun rides or go to an open body of water to go kayaking or paddle boarding!
  9. Outdoor Movies!! See if you can find any places playing movies outdoors, take some homemade cocktails, a picnic blanket and some friends and sit back and enjoy the film!!
  10. Water Fight!! Get a load of friends together, fill up as many water balloons as possible, fill the water guns to full capacity, get some large containers and fill them too, then drive to an empty field and engage in your own water fight!

I hope you enjoy using some of these ideas, and have a fab summer!

Aimee 🙂

P.S. make sure to stay hydrated!!


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