The last stop on our trip was the city of love… Paris!

I was super excited to visit here, because well it’s PARIS!! Everyone wants to visit Paris at least once in their life. Obviously leaving the Swiss Alps was bittersweet, I never wanted to leave that place but a new city awaited us.

Before arriving to the hotel, we were driven around Paris to see some amazing sites, and to get our bearings of the city considering the next day was a free day so we could plan what we wanted to go and see. Pretty much as soon as we go into Paris we were warned that there are more pickpockets  there then most other cities we had been to, also our hotel was in a slightly rough area, there were a lot of refugees nearby so were told to stay in groups when leaving the hotel, of course I didn’t let that damped my excitement, it just made me more cautious. It didn’t help that as soon as we got off a coach one of the girls on the trip with us almost had her suitcase stolen by a random guy who literally just came up to her and try to pull it away from her, luckily there were loads of people around to help her. It made everyone hang on to their bags slightly tighter haha!

After we settled in we went to a nearby restaurant and had dinner, it was a set menu, and for starters snails were on the agenda, I admit I had to spit it out, I couldn’t handle the taste or texture and the fact that when I was younger I use to keep snails, and race them with other children in my street didn’t help. Anyway we were given a glass of champagne and I can assure you that went down a lot better.

The next came and we were driven into Paris, we had a perfume demo for a little bit in the morning, which was interesting and there was an opportunity to buy perfume at the end. Then we were left to do whatever we wanted, of course the Eiffel Tower was on my mind, we managed to get there and the walk was lovely, once we spent enough time there we headed to the Avenue des Champs Elysées, it was truly wonderful to walk around and explore some of the shops.

After our day wondering around the city and seeing as many of the sights as possible we were taken back to the hotel and got ready for the evening ahead. We were lucky enough to find a small restaurant that did the most amazing burgers, they tasted so good and weren’t too expensive either. After our meal we explored the area of Paris we had been dropped to, my evening was made when I found a cat in a shop and it actually let me stroke it!

Since the sun was setting we found an area where many other people were sitting so decided we would too, although we thought we were being targeted by pickpockets, these men were acting very weird towards us and kept getting closer, so eventually we moved away from that area, although it was such a beautiful sunset and I was so glad we got to see it (the feature photo was our view). Then on our way back to where the restaurants and bars were this man grabbed me and wouldn’t let me go, I think he was trying to sell me something but the language barrier didn’t help and even though I was trying to yank my arm away he still didn’t get that I wasn’t interested, eventually I managed to get away, but my travelling buddy had no idea that I had been grabbed because she had ran away from another guy who was trying to sell her something, that’s one story I won’t forget but luckily now I can look back and laugh about it rather than feel scared.

Anyhow, we met back up with some of the group and four of us decided we wanted to go and see the Eiffel Tower again, we got on the underground where we met these guys who I thinks were Canadian who were also trying to figure out how to get to the Eiffel Tower, so we ended up with them for a little while until we actually reached the Eiffel Tower. Due to a terrorist attack the Tower was lit up differently to normal, there were so many people just chilling out and enjoying each others company, and it felt good to see people united and having a good time. We brought a bottle of ‘champagne’ from a vendor walking around selling them, although god knows what it actually was it cost €10.

The last evening of the trip was well spent and I’m so glad it ended on a high! I had such a wonderful experience throughout the whole trip making memories I’ll never forget with people who I’ll never forget.

And that concludes my trip around Europe! Obviously when I go away again, whenever that will be, I will document it for you, I like writing these types of posts and if no one enjoys reading them, then at least future Aimee will be grateful that she can look back on these and reminisce.

Hope you’re all good and have had an amazing day,

Aimee 🙂



Finally I am continuing my travel series, this is the second to last blog post that will be detailing my trip, but since the summer is coming up I might do a few advice type posts relating to travelling that I wish I had known.

Anyway onto my time in Switzerland! We arrived late afternoon and as soon as I stepped off the coach my breath was taken away, I have never been to such a beautiful place. The coolness of the air was so inviting and seeing the greenery was amazing, something I had definitely missed whilst visiting all the cities.


After some dinner, a group of us wanted to explore and take advantage of the fresh air whilst we could, it was quite an eventful walk, one of the guys thought it would be good to jump out on a few of us from behind some trees, I legged it back down a hill because I was so scared, much to the amusement of some others who watched the whole thing play out. It was already getting dark when we set out so after looking at some amazing waterfalls and admiring the night sky we headed back to get a good nights sleep, knowing the next day was going to be epic!


We had to be up pretty early the next day because we were going to be going up Jungfrau Mountain!! I was beyond excited for this part of the trip, we got a train up to the peak, it didn’t take that long to get up there and the whole way is full of amazing scenery so it wasn’t a dull journey at all.

Once we reached the top we went outside pretty much right away and I had one of the best experiences of my life… getting semi naked at the top of a mountain!



It was funny because there were obviously loads of other tourists around and many of the older men were very amused at what we were doing, and when a guy friend got completely naked for a photo a few of them had their video cameras out, it was all harmless and pretty amusing. However the empowering feeling this gave me was incredible, I’m pretty self conscious of my body but this really gave me a confidence boost that I wasn’t expecting. We continued exploring the mountain, the worlds highest Lindt shop was inside the mountain too so of course we couldn’t leave without buying some chocolate.

We spent the whole day up Jungfrau and it was one of the best days I’ve ever had! Even when we came back down, the great day continued, our room was lucky enough to have a balcony so a few of us got some blankets and just chilled out there for most of the evening telling ghost stories and chatting about life.

I was so sad to leave Switzerland but will definitely return as soon as I can, it has given me such fond memories and my most favourite day and evening took place there.

I hope you guys are having a great week,

Aimee 🙂