The tenth city we had the pleasure of visiting was Florence. This was definitely one of my favourite cities, it was so beautiful. The architecture was outstanding and truly breathtaking, I have already told my parents they need to got there when they want a city break because it’s so wonderful.

Before we even got to Florence we had a chance to stop off and see the leaning tower of Pisa. It was so cool to see because it was one of those things that I never thought I would see in real life so I’m grateful we were able to visit the tower.


So back to Florence, the first thing we were able to do was have a leather demo, which was pretty cool to watch and interesting, however I was more interested in exploring the city so was really looking forward to the walking tour we had booked. Luckily our tour guide was really enthusiastic and was very informative so we were able to learn loads about the amazing sites we saw. Like most places in Italy, the shops and Cafe’s selling gelato were many so we couldn’t resist stopping for a refreshing apple flavoured gelato.

After a long day or exploring the city, we had some time to rest and get ready for the night ahead. After getting all ‘glam’ we went to find some food, and had the most wonderful pasta dish which was a perfect way to start the night. Continuing on, we brought a bottle of fizzy wine and shared it between three of us as we walked the dark streets of Florence to our destination; The Space Club in Florence… basically a really big nightclub! It was such a fun evening and the club was huge, it even had fish tanks inside!!

So that was my trip to Florence, a truly beautiful city and one I will definitely be visiting again!

I hope you like seeing some pics from my short time in Florence. Have a great weekend guys!

Aimee 🙂


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