I Joined A Gym

So I’m currently sitting in my bed, gearing myself up to put on my gym gear and head to the gym for an early morning workout.

I have dabbled in joining a gym in the past with my friend and it didn’t work out since we both didn’t want to go alone so if one had plans then it was a write off. 

However this time around I have joined up with my family, my dad is a fitness freak and spends hours there working out, my mum likes to go for half and hour or so and prefers the classes they offer. Whilst my sister can do an hour and really pushes herself. I however have no idea where I’m going to fit into this new ‘gym lifestyle’ I have found myself getting into.

Sometimes I question why? Why am I doing this? But I want to do it for me, I want to feel better within myself, I want to have more energy and be able to run further without feeling like I’m going to pass out. Since I’m currently looking for a job, my days can be pretty boring and uninspiring so I hope that by having something to do such as using the gym, joining a class or jumping into the pool, I get some energy and inspiration back.

I hope you enjoyed reading this honest post, I like writing ones like these that have no plan  ut are just from the heart/mind.

Enjoy the weekend, another travel post will be up soon! 

Aimee 🙂 


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