When we reached Budapest, it was a bittersweet feeling in all honesty. I was so excited about being on this amazing trip but the homesickness feeling really did start to kick in. I think for me being stuck on a coach for so much of the trip really did grate on me, you had hours with nothing to do but think and sleeping was near impossible, it was so uncomfortable and then when you did drift off someone would start chatting loudly or we’d stop at a service station.

Nonetheless, I didn’t want these negative feelings to get in the way and knowing that after Budapest we would be on the last leg of the trip, I wanted to enjoy every moment. My Nan had raved about Budapest and about how amazingly beautiful it was. It truly was wonderful and the photos I took don’t do it justice at all. The architecture this city holds was the best of any of the cities we visited almost as if it’s straight from a fairytale.


After having a little sightseeing of the city, we were once again left to our own devices so that evening we went and found food, of course! We roamed around the streets surrounding our Hostel and even saw a man walking a ferret which was pretty cool. By the evening I think we all must’ve been a bit sleep deprived because my travel buddy and I decided it would be a fab idea to climb into a very unstable locker…and yes there is picture evidence… However it was a lovely evening as the four of us in the room just chilled out and laughed all evening.


After we had rested up, the next day we had booked to do a walking tour, I loved doing walking tours during the trip as it was an amazing way of being able to see all the wonders a city had to offer as well as learning about all the history of the city. Budapest didn’t disappoint in the history department as our guide informed us all about it’s past like how Pest, Buda and Óbuda all unified to become Budapest in 1873. I would 100% recommend doing a tour if you ever visit Budapest as I didn’t know much about it’s history so it was definitely worth while. After the tour we were able to do whatever we wanted so once we felt as though we’d seen everything we found a cute little cocktail place and spent the majority of the late afternoon there enjoying great company and good drinks. I really think this was one of my favourite moments on the trip.

And that ladies and gents sums up my time in Budapest. Whilst it was a rocky start this beautiful city really turned things around and was possibly in my top 5 cities we visited.

I hope you come back to my next travel post where I write about my time in Ljubljana.

Until next time people,

Aimee 🙂


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