My Grandad.

So 2016 is almost at a close and to be quite honest…thank fuck!

I think many can agree that 2016 has been a terrible year. I’ve lost count of the amazing talents that have been ripped away from us in this monstrous year. And dare I even mention the political choices that have taken place this year.

But for me the reason why this year has been one of the worst is because I lost my amazing Grandad!

So this post isn’t to reflect on what a shitty year it’s been but to let the world know how I had the best Grandad ever.

Here’s to you Grandad,

The man always behind the camera documenting those valuable and funny moments between my sister and I.

The man who knew everything and anything.

To the man who was the calmest in every situation.

The man who had to explain how to play every single board game we played at Christmas.

To the man who is the strongest and bravest man I know.

To my Grandad, the man who will forever have my love.


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