The forth city that I had the privilege of visiting was the beautiful city of Vienna. When we arrived, our tour manager took us to a really cool fair that was set up, which was a great start to our stay! One of the coolest rides we went on was the one pictured below and it was so cool because when it went up high there was an amazing view of the city, which as the sun was setting really was a stunning view.


After spending a most of the evening at the fair it was time for us to head back to our hostel and rest for the following day. We started off by touring some of the city and ended up at the Schonbrunn Palace, which was a formal summer residence of the imperial family. It really was very grand and the gardens were also amazingly stunning. It was a shame that we weren’t able to do a tour of the Palace as I reckon it would’ve been very interesting. My photo doesn’t quite do it justice but I thought I’d add it anyway.


After we were taken to a Swarovski shop, since it is an Austrian company, where we looked around and had the opportunity to purchase some items if we wished. Since jewellery isn’t really my thing, I didn’t spend long in there but instead we explored some more of the city, the first thing we wanted to find were some Mozartkugel (aka Mozart Balls) our tour manager had really hyped them up and I must admit they lived up to the hype, so if you ever had an opportunity to try some then you really must!


In the evening a group of us went found a small fair, which had loads of different food stalls and places to drink and just chill out. So we all got some food from the different stalls and then just chilled out and enjoyed our evening before meeting up with the rest of the group and going back to the hostel and packing up ready to start our journey to Krakow…and I couldn’t wait!!

I really hope you had the best weekend,

Aimee 🙂

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