Turning 19.

Another year, another birthday.

This year I turned 19, on the 14th of November to be precise.

Honestly normally I don’t feel any different after a birthday has passed, but this one I felt more anxious about. Next year I will be leaving the teen-hood and entering my 20s, whilst I know this is still young, it just feels different.

I know I can’t fret about turning 20, since most people I know who are in their 20’s say it’s brilliant, plus the added fact that I will be in uni when I turn 20, which will be a completely new and different adventure to school, sixth form and the apprenticeship I’m currently undertaking, I guess turning 20 will be a fun and exciting experience!

So I guess, with each passing year and each age, I need to take hold of the memories I make and enjoy the different experiences I have and the people I meet. Since I won’t get this time back again and time really is the most precious thing on this earth and we all need to make the most of this precious time we have.

So this post was a little bit more deep than anything I’ve posted before, but I hope you liked it. I know right now this blog doesn’t have a theme of what I post, it’s neither a travel blog, nor a beauty blog, but it’s my blog and I hope the range of different posts will interest different people and maybe even inspire others.

I hope your week is brilliant and you grab every opportunity you can.

Aimee 🙂


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