Welcome back to my blog!

This is the first part of my travel series that I will be blogging about and I am so excited to kick start this blog with an interesting series that I hope you’ll enjoy reading.

So let me start by talking about the type of trip I went on. The actual trip was with a company called Contiki and it was a 23 day coach trip visiting 12 cities across Europe. My friend and I booked it so we left 4 days after our final exam and we couldn’t wait!

Our first mission of the trip was to get to our hotel in London where we would spend 1 night before departing for our trip the next morning. We had to get up super early the following morning so made sure we had an early night and had many alarms set!!

Once we had checked ourselves in with our tour manger, we found our spots on the coach and prepared for the long drive to Amsterdam. Many hours later and after crossing the English Channel, we made it to Amsterdam!! We only had 2 nights in most of the cities we visited so had to made the most of our time in each city, there was no time to get tired!

We spent our first night roaming around the red light district, which was very interesting… We also devoured some amazing waffles from a bakery, just seeing that photo makes me want to go back and eat it all over again.


Day 2 arrived and we all hopped on bikes and rode around a small village in Edam before being taken to a cheese and clogs factory and getting to taste some famous Edam cheese and have a tutorial on how clogs were made. After the morning activities were done, we had some free time, so we went to look to the Iamsterdam sign and take some typical touristy photos.


Here’s a photo of the sign, it’s the best I could get, as you can see there were many tourists there so it was slightly difficult to get a good one!

When evening came around, we were once again taken back to the red light district and the first thing on my mind was food, we found the best little burger bar and enjoyed chilling out before meeting up with the rest of the Contiki group and departing on a canal cruise…wine was involved and I may have gotten slightly tipsy but once the cruise was over we got taken to chupitos shots bar where I got even tipsy-er (basically I don’t want to admit that I may have been very slightly drunk…)


Here is a photo of one of the many shots that were taken that night! We then danced the night away at a nearby club until eventually we hit the hay as we had to be up early to depart for Berlin!!

So that concludes the first part of my trip. I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to hearing about what we got up to in Berlin!

Aimee 🙂


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